Four Good Reasons to Use an Electronic Medical Record System

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The age of computers and the Internet have made a lot of things possible – including the use of an electronic medical record. But are there any advantages of having access to an electronic medical record as a doctor? There are several advantages to being able to access medical records electronically as a doctor.Get Prescriptions to Pharmacies Quickly – A lot of pharmacies and patients will complain about a doctor’s handwriting and its illegibility. But one of the advantages of an electronic medical record is that, unlike a handwritten script, there isn’t any second guessing about what the patient’s dosage is. Therefore there are fewer calls to doctors and not as much time taken up trying to get in touch with the doctor and making the patient wait.

Lab Results Quickly and Easily – How many times have you had patients calling you for test results, forcing you had to take time from your busy schedule to call them back and let them know what the results were? With medical records available electronically, meanwhile, patients are able to get their results quickly and easily. This is an advantage – the only disadvantage is that it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what test results mean, so sometimes they will still call you.

Safety in Travel – If you have a patient with a health problem and they want to travel, you might be worried about them travelling in case of an emergency. But if they have an electronic health record, you know that your patients will have access to their medical information no matter where you are in the world. That helps you to know that your patients will be treated in compliance with their health problems.

Information About Prescriptions – The final advantage of medical records being available electronically is that they are great for prescriptions. They help with catching any dangerous interactions that the pills that a patient might be taking before they cause a problem.

Not only is it going to help with checking for interaction problems but it also is cost-effective. In fact, a lot of health plans are encouraging doctors to go to this type of prescriptions because it saves money for the health plan and the patient because it’s easier to check for possible generic drugs when it’s done electronically.

When a doctor uses electronic medical records for their patients, they discover that it’s easier for just about everyone involved. The patients can communicate with their doctors and find out test results in a quick and efficient manner. It helps doctors to feel better about their patients traveling, since if there is a health problem where the person has to go to the hospital, the doctor in the area is able to access their records and see how they should be treated.

It is time saving for both doctors and their patients since the information that patients would often receive from either speaking on the phone or in person can be read on the Internet. The use of an electronic medical record system is a good idea for both doctors and patients and for the medical community in general.
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